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Viagra is one of the most popular drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment, so you can find it in almost all of the drugstores.
The new “Pfizer’s drug” is decent form every side but the price in the drugstore leaves much to be desired. Not every man can afford to buy at least one pill, not including the whole course of treatment.

This year it’ll be 20 years since the discovery of a magic sildenafil’s effectiveness. Pfizer Co. gained an interesting side effect in the process of a drug’s research that made a revolution. The company patented a new medicine, giving a title of the discovery – Viagra. Since those times Viagra fell firmly into our day-to-day life becoming a synonym of a long high-grade erection.

Pfizer Co. gave a wide active promotion of their new magic blue pill. Now the sales volume of Viagra reserves high rates in the list of healthcare products as a result of such promotion. Millions of men in the world had time to evaluate the effectiveness of Viagra.

How to take Viagra

Viagra should only be taken once every 24 hours and it is not advisable to take it with other erectile dysfunction drugs at the same time. Drinking more than a token amount of alcohol can also cause problems.

Such price policy pushes to search Viagra’s substitutes or analogs. The demands for subs are simple: erection improvement and reasonable price.
As you know the demand breeds the supply. As soon as the potent protection became expired, many pharmacological companies started producing generic Viagra pills. Generic Viagra has the same elements as Pfizer’s Viagra but cost less.

What you should know before ordering Viagra

If you want to save money do not hesitate to purchase generic version of Viagra. It will help you to stay healthy and bring you 100% of erectile confidence. Please your lady with the saved money.

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